Logseq for Professionals Workshop

Creating notes with no results?


Have you ever found yourself struggling to locate important information that you knew you had written down? Note-taking is easy, but finding those notes can be a headache.

This used to be my problem, making notes was easy but getting to them was hard. And the worst part? I knew it was written down. 

But over time I tuned my system to capture the right information and have what I need, when I need it. 

Do you recognize this?

  • You make notes but can’t find them?
  • Wondering if you’re making the right notes?
  • Wasting time searching through countless emails, wikis and tickets?
  • Don’t know what to put where?

Set Logseq to work

There are many great tools out there, but you don’t have time to setup your notes wrong and then hoping you can recover it later.

With the right setup you’ll be able to quickly find the answers to all those pesky questions like “What’s the status of Project X?” or “Who confirmed what and in which email?”

You will learn about

Organize Daily Journal

How to build an effective daily journal to plan your day and always know what to do next

Process Data

Process meetings, mail and other information in such a way that they show up when you need them

Task Management

Know what to ask when you talk to a coworker or when you are in the next meeting.

Approval process

Steps to take to get Logseq accepted within your company

Avoid problems

Know what not to store in your personal notes to stay compliant with regulations

Project Management

How to deal with larger projects, decide what order to pick things up.

You will get

  • 1.5 hour workshop with a small group
  • Access to the Discord Workshop Channel
  • Workshop Slides
  • Video recording of the session
  • Audio Transcription for easy search



  • Slides to convince your company to use Logseq
  • Video recording of the workshop slides
  • In-depth video on the approval process
  • In-depth video on project management

Price of the workshop will go up as I add these extras, but join now and you will get these for free


Join my Workshop and Learn How to Use Logseq like a pro!


Workshop Slots

Friday 2nd of June 09:00 CET (Timezone)
Monday 3rd of July 17:00 CET (Timezone)