Personal Systems Checkup

Want to get more done with less stress?

You deal with a lot of things, tasks, projects, appointments and so much  more… 

But are you getting the most out of your workflows and apps?
Will changing things might make it better or will it cost a lot of time? Let’s not forget,  you have work to do.

If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t need a complete overhaul, but would like someone having a look at your system, provide honest feedback and actionable solutions then this is the product for you.

Hi, I’m Bas Grolleman and you might know me from my Youtube channel with videos about productivity, working smart, Notion and Logseq.

Systems should be working for you, not against you.

So let me help by looking at your workload and giving you actionable tips that make the work more manageable.

In 1 hour we go through the following:

Your Goals

Without a target to aim for, it’s hard to build or optimize workflows and tools.

Your Workflow

We figure out what is costing you the most energy. And how you would like to lower that cost.

Your Toolbox

Look at your current Toolbox and how you like to work.  Then evaluate if that matches up.


Systems should have a clear goal. So before having a look we need to dive into what you’re trying to reach with them.

What things cost energy but have to happen, how can we decrease the pain or even make it totally go away?


Our lives are filled with workflows, think of simple things like your trashcan. It keeps the rooms clean by collecting trash and once a week you take it out.

It needs to be effortless though, thinking of steps is easy, bringing them down to their essentials is a whole lot trickier.

I believe in path of least resistance, make the first step so easy, you have no choice but that path. 




I talk about a lot of tools on my channel, Notion, Logseq and Todoist are the main elements in my Toolbox at the moment.

But you don’t always have free choice, at some projects I was forced to use MS Office or Google Apps. And that means I had to take the systems I had and re-adjust them to the new situation. 

Changing applications also comes with a tremendous cost, and I’m not talking about the price. The real cost is lost productivity due to migrating, learning and optimizing for the new tool. This is why I’m very careful before switching.  




Google Apps

Office Suite

What to expect


Right after payment you get email with contact details and these steps for reference


Then comes a form with a couple of questions. This way I can prepare for the session and get the best result for you.


Once the form is there you will be able to pick a time slot best suited for you. 


During the one hour session we discuss the goals, workflows and toolbox in detail. 



After the session I will process the questions and prepare a detailed Notion page that you can use as reference.


Two months after I will reach out to ask how it went and if everything was going to plan. 

Let’s Get Started

Ready To Make a Real Change? Let’s Build this Thing Together!