How I use macros in Logseq for Jira / Azure Devops

Generate quick links using Logseq Macro's, making it easy tolink to tickets and other frequent URLs

Fix using inline

I love using macro’s for links towards Azure Devops and Jira, but hit issues that I no longer could use them inline.

Luckily a bug is already reported #8623

Adding this bit of CSS allows me to keep using the macro’s as I’m used to

1div.macro { display: inline-block; }

My Macro for Jira/ADO

This example goes into the config.edn

1:macros {
2    "jira", "[$1 $2](https://jiraurl/$1)"
3    "ado", "[$1 $2]($1)"

Usage example

Theme both turn into clickable links

1{{{jira TT-1234, Example Ticket}}}
2{{{ado 12345, Example Ticket}}}


You can modify them to leave $2 out of it, that way it only links the ticket number and you can add your own extra text in Logseq, in practice I found this easier to use

Author: Bas Grolleman - Tools on Tech