How this site is build

Personally, I value privacy a lot. And I expect you do as well. So I created this privacy page to explain what I am doing with your data, what systems I use and why.

Platforms and analytics

I’m using Hugo for all my sites. That way I have total control on what data goes where. For analytics, I use, which is more privacy-focused and collects less data than Google Analytics.

Data processing and storage

Most notes are kept on my Logseq Graph, local, encrypted disk and using a long password encrypted sync. As for sharing information with my team, it will have to go through a cloud service and currently that’s Notion. In Notion, I am limiting the information I keep to your name and email.

Other services I use

  • Convertkit - Maintains my email list and automates things like Logseq Tip sending
  • Lemon Squeezy - Allows you to pay me for items and helps me avoid having to know all tax codes around the world
  • ChatGPT - Paid version for API keys and Chat interface so information isn’t used to train the AI
  • Todoist - My tasklist manager, I link to Notion/Logseq to avoid storing too much detail here
  • Google Apps - Again, paid for so my data isn’t processed for advertisement
  • - Transcribe recordings

What if you don’t want data to be processed?

Let me know! I care about this and while these tools help, if you want things off the record then I’ll happily switch off and recordings.


As a freelance professional I have signed a lot of NDAs, if you want to discuss something that requires an NDA then please let me know. I have no problem signing a reasonable NDA.

The Tools on Tech team

The team currently consists of myself and my virtual assistant Lydia, who may respond to some inquiries. While I would love to respond to everyone personally, I am still doing a full-time job in DevOps for larger corporations. If anything is important, Lydia will make sure I will attend to it personally.

AI usage

I love using AI because it is very beneficial, but I pay for it to ensure privacy. The saying is, if you’re not paying for it you are the product, not the customer.