Boox Device

Collecting notes on the Boox

Work in progress

Place to share my current notes on the Boox Note Air 3C



One of the main reasons why I wanted an android enabled device, it works but due to bugs like missing the toolbar it’s mostly for adding stuff to my journal and syncing it back to my Desktop for processing there

Moon+ Reader Pro

Spend some time to remove all DRM from all my books so I only needed one app to read things. One of the better choices I made because it makes life so much simpler to have everything in one fast to access place.

Reader (Readwise)

Having a second attempt at Reader to collect everything I find. Still think it’s not as good at the hole triage thing compared to Feedly but the ability to collect rss, newsletters, pages and book highlights to one app and then sync the resulting notes to Logseq is very valuable.


This is mostly for the quick add function that allows me to turn thoughts into tasks without leaving the device. Another good point is using the e-ink to have a tasklist open all the time without a worry about power usage.


Use it to sync my books to the device, it also works to get notes synced but at the moment I’m using Logseq Sync and I don’t want these two fighting over my notes.


For keeping track of things I share with others Notion still has a special place in my heart

The Boox Note taking app

Using the default because it’s the fastest way to just take the pen to paper and draw.

Hardware hacks

Pen loop

Having the pen on the side was a real pain, it was better once I flipped the device (I’m lefthanded) but now with a top loop I no longer worry about the pen when reading.

Author: Bas Grolleman - Tools on Tech