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I love making Logseq and Productivity content and want to make more, but it requires help.

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  • Monthly office hours for patrons only
  • View my scripts as I write them and provide feedback
  • Your name on my Patron wall at the end of the video
  • Vote on next topics
  • Long form rants on request!

Office Hours

Once a month I’m setting up a slot where you can join in to talk about anything. Ask questions or just shoot the breeze. Pitch video ideas you would like to see.

All Office hours will be recorded and uploaded for review, only for patreon members!

View my scripts

My scripts are usually an outline on topics I want to talk about, once I have the initial draft in Logseq I usually copy it to Notion to get feedback. And you are the best person to give feedback! Get that video that talks exactly about what you need and help others in the process.

Your name on the Patron wall!

Have your name in my videos, forever!

Vote on next topics!

I always have a lot of ideas, but if you’re waiting for a particular video this is the easiest way to move it up!

Long form rants

Want to know my opinion on a topic? As a patron you can ask me anything and I will make a quick recording talking about that topic or even given a demo. No editing, so you get the raw thoughts and my thought process.